Monday, 14 April 2014

Slice of Life

I am laughing cuz my friend in the States says that just like over here, when you have a party you have to bring your own knife. I mean, you can carry a gun but you cannot have a knife floating about at a play centre for the families to use on their Princess Cinderella Coach and Four Horses cake. 

If you are a proper over-achieving 
mom you can find out how to 
make this cake here!

I take our special cake slice, of course. It not only cuts the cake puffickly, you can use it to serve the slices out - if you are not hurriedly shoveling the slices onto napkins which your friend and the Fella wrap up and stuff into the party bags. (Yah, Outlaw Mom gave me the cake slice - she had two of them, of course, and let me have the spare one.)

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