Monday, 21 April 2014

An iron will

Right. Now the cupboard is tidy (ish), it's time for the ironing .... Urrrrghh.

Piglet gets assistance from Eowyn the kitten with the sock sorting. (Sorting socks has been Piglet's job for some years. In this way a very young piglet can contribute to the housework. I also think matching the patterns and colours must be good for their mental development.)
There. (Three days later.)

Piglet expressed interest in joining in so I let her do some tea towels and pillow cases. She did so well that if she is very good (wink), I have promised to allow her to do some t-shirts next time.

Bosch show the iron in Night Blue
I use a Bosch Sensixx B1 iron (Ice Blue). Last time I had to buy a new iron, I looked up on the Which comparison website very carefully and identified one I wanted. But when I went to the shop, they did not stock that one. The assistant outlined the benefits of many irons and we came down to a choice between two. Then I had a brilliant thought. I asked him what iron he uses. He hesitantly admitted to using a much cheaper one and when pressed acknowledged that it 'did the job'. I bought that one.

It's a great iron. It was pretty cheap for a good quality iron and it works fine. It has been steaming along now for about three years, I think. What I like about it is, that it will produce steam on the 2 dot function as well as the 3 dot one. It has a squirty button and a steam button. I shall not curse and swear when it stops working effectively (which they always do after a few years) as it will be cheap and easy to replace.

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