Monday, 14 April 2014

Recuperating ahead of sautéing

Gah, I had a hideous cough-cold thing. It took me days to recover - crouched over my knitting in front of LoTR 1, 2 and 3. Thank God The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug has come out on DVD at last and I can knit to something else.

However, today the weather is lovely. Piglet has gone for a sleepover with another piglet and so peace perfect peace reigns. I sit in the garden weeding out the clover and knitting and contemplating my toes. (Dior, dahlink, but I bought it a long time ago and I think they may not make it any more.) 

The French have a nice expression: Reculer pour mieux sauter; to take a step back in order to jump forward better. I am working hard at it (yawn). 

About three years ago our lawn was infested with clover. When I grumbled of it, one of the people on my writers' board said: it must all be four-leaf clover (LOL, what a sweet flirt). I dig at it every so often in a desultory way; it's fun to scrape it out, finding that there is a nest of rootlets under a small clump which you pick out of the dark damp earth (this is Wales, the earth is always damp!). Sometimes you get a long runner which you gently pull out of the tangled grass around it - so satisfying getting that long strand of clover up. To my surprise the lawn is almost clear of it. I know I tell Piglet that if you stick at a job long enough, eventually you will succeed at it, but I never expected it to be true of digging out the clover.

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