Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Holidays

OMG, sometimes it is so hard being a mum. 

It's Easter Holidays so I am spending a lot of time finding ways to amuse the Piglet, and running around farming her out or borrowing other piglets. Cuz one Piglet says 'I'm bored' every ten minutes, but two tend to tootle off together and leave you to do your knitting in peace (wink).

Um, yah, that is me dipping my tootsies in a limpid rock pool.

And here are some hermit crabs I saw while I strolled along the sands.

The hermit crabs have got themselves a sort of shell-with-a-view. That is Porthcawl in the distance.

Yes, of course we went to Southerndown! The sun was shining and low tide was at the perfect time of 1.15 pm. We packed up a substantial picnic and rushed on down. I bought a season ticket for the parking (£30 - it costs £3 per pop and we are certain to go more than 10 times). As you can see, the sand has thankfully survived the recent storms. This pic is of the beach not quite at low tide yet - there will be a bit more sand uncovered in half an hour or so.

Before you start muttering that I grumble too much about the hard work of being a mum, this is what I have to come home to, cuz it is Spring and time to clear out the cupboards. Bribing the little piglets and poking them along with sticks, I managed to get them to sort out the huge collection of Disney Princess crayons, felt tip pens, notebooks and the boxes and boxes of scientific paraphernalia, make-your-own bracelet sets etc etc etc. Phew, all I need to do now is cook them chips and go back through the stuff myself, schlep down the charity shop with things which can be passed along and tidily store the things Piglet thinks are worth keeping so we can go through them again in another couple of years and chuck them out then.

Yah that is some Sidoli's Turkish Delight ice cream. I think I have earned it. If you want trouble, come between me and it, sweet pea.

Awww, the Piglet was so happy when I got her that snappy Brave pencil case with all the little drawers and the two secret keys to open the secret compartments. There were none left in the Disney store when we went to buy it! but crafty mum asked if we could have the one in the window display. LOL, nowadays it's all Cool Britannia and sporty Olympics blahdiblah. We have managed to avoid things with One Direction (1D) emblazoned all over them so far, but I fear it will not be long.

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