Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Red in Tooth and Shame

Agh agh! Worst Mum in the World Award. I forgot to remind the Tooth Fairy to call. Gosh, all I had to think about was my upcoming tutorial, my other cohort of students' next assignment, the packed lunches, the breakfast, getting the laundry in and ironed, making sure there is sufficient sustenance for the cohort of cub scouts coming round while I cavort off to teach. What a slacker.

I was a bit surprised to hear Piglet getting up of her own accord this morning. When I went up to make sure all was well, it wasn't. Piglet was holding up the little pink net bag with the tooth still in it and glaring accusatorially at me. Even when the tardy Tooth Fairy nipped in while Piglet was sulking over breakfast and left the coin, the little brat was not mollified. 

Ah well, turn it our advantage and use this as a Life Lesson. If you are not satisfied, hand the goods back and complain. You may get something extra out of it. 

Not the right time for a spelling lesson, I feel.

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