Monday, 14 October 2013

Late Roses

Usually there is some bright sunny leftover summer weather at the start of September. This year, it was a real autumn start to the school term with weather as soft and damp as a baby’s backside – necessitating hanging out laundry for three days to get it dry.

The roses seemed to like this weather. All of them made a sudden late show.


The Molyneux. (Guess what football team we support.) 



Piglet's rose. 

(It's called Natalie Nypels, we pretend it's just called Natalie.) 

The golden spiders of summer have grown enormous and make huge dewdrop strung webs across the path, like creatures out of Mirkwood. 
October and they are still going. This is our Gloire de Hollande: rose, rosehip and bud - like the Greek triple goddess: maiden, mother and crone.

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