Sunday, 13 October 2013

Charming Autumn Bracelet

This is Asprey’s delightful seasonal bracelet. Instead of buying it, I cut the picture of it out of the FT Weekend How to Spend It magazine. (For free, LOL, I get a lot of nice things out of the FT Weekend How to Spend It magazine. I have stuck the bracelet on a letter to my mum.)

Figs and conkers
On the way home from school, Piglet and I and any accompanying cub scouts, synchronised swimming piglets or other stray piglets collect conkers.

I'm on the lookout for nice fat weeds too, as I've bought a pocket-sized book on free food for foragers

One excellent source of free food is the two walnut trees growing near our library.

Piglet and I picked blackberries from the lane outside our house and later she made apple and blackberry crumble. While we were standing on a stool we had surreptitiously brought along so we could reach higher, I could hear the person whose house the bramble was growing out of moving around in their garden. I felt like giggling and nudging Piglet. I was worried the person would hear so I preserved my dignity.  

This is our neighbour's Virginia Creeper. It flows over our shed and the party wall, making a splendid show on our patio.  

Lakhi the cat in the red Virginia Creeper leaves. 

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