Saturday, 7 July 2012

Tuna pasta sweetcorn recipe

This is possibly the quickest easiest supper to make in the whole world.  

- Get some dried pasta - the shell or tube ones are best rather than spaghetti (or my personal favourite buccatini). Cook it.
- When it is nearly done, add some frozen sweetcorn and cook for a couple of minutes till that is done. (My way of judging this is to cook it till it boils up again. The Good Fella way is to put it in a separate pan and leave it while he does something else then go back when it has definitely been cooking away for about 10 minutes.)
- Drain the pasta and sweetcorn and add in a tin of drained tuna (I use tuna chunks in spring water in an effort to get down the saturated fats and salt consumption in the household).
- Chuck in a spoonful of mayo and swirl it all around. (The Good Fella cooks it a bit more at this point, just to make absolutely sure it's cooked.)

Voil√†!  Chock-full of omega 3, no doubt.  (Must check that with the Ministry for Food Agriculture and Fisheries.)   

I never thought it would be possible to get this dish wrong but the Good Fella did once manage to forget to put the sweetcorn in.  I ate all mine and said, Mmmm, delicious darling.  I hope you cook this again for us tomorrow and all week.  He's not getting out of cooking supper that easily!  

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