Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June in Bloom Excursion (Taff Trail)

Wild rose by the station carpark
(The Taff Trail is a wide tarmac path on this stretch, although barriers to stop bicycles freewheeling all the way down to Cardiff mean it's not always easily wheelchair or pushchair accessible. It's suitable for all ages of children.)

A good walk with a superb pub in striking distance, this excursion is an excellent stretching of the legs. On the way up, there is a slight incline to make your muscles work harder. To meander more gently downhill as you come back down is proper. 

At weekends, it's easy to park in the Taff Wells railway carpark - then cross the road to the start of this section of the trail (there is a break here where you have to travel on the road for a short stretch). 

Unknown flower 1 at the
start of the walk.
After your walk, it's best to get back in the car and drive to the excellent Gwaelod Inn in nearby Gwaeold-y-Garth. Not only do they serve Wye Valley and the recently developed Tiny Rebel ales, they have started brewing their own top class beer. The food is good and the owners and staff are friendly to newcomers and regular locals alike. 

A few months ago, we did this walk and I snapped these shots of arches on the Caerphilly leg of the pathways. We did this walk again last weekend and I spent the time photographing flowers. If you know the names of any of those I couldn't identify, please do tell  in a comment. 

Michaelmas daisies on the edge of the industrial estate.

Honeysuckle with dog rose
Unknown flower 2 with grasses.

Graffiti on bridge over the A470


Columbines and grasses

Wild strawberries and unknown pink flower 4

Wild strawberries

Leaves among the gravel
Ferns, foxgloves and a tree. 

Going up
Coming back down

Clover and grasses

Pathway off into the woods ...

Unknown yellow flower 5 and grasses


Foxgloves on the hillside

Unknown blue flower 6

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