Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring Excursion - Rhibina Hill

A host of daffodils by the roadside.
(This walk has narrow stony paths and muddy patches so is not wheelchair or pushchair accessible although there are wide clear paths through the woodland and there may be other walks in the area which are.  It's suitable for older rather than toddling children.)  

The stretch of woodland around Rhibina Hill is full of lovely walks.  We've started just driving in a haphazard way into the area, parking up somewhere likely looking, crowbarring the Piglet out of the car and setting off along any visible path.  It never disappoints.  

The trees are still bare of leaf so the paths are well lit with clear Spring light.  Birds are singing brightly;  that's the only sound we can hear (apart from the chattering of the merry Piglet as she tromps off down the pathways).  Spring flowers are coming out in profusion.  There are plenty of opportunities to wade through small streams and lots of squidgy mud puddles (wellies are de riguer).  

The stile at the start of the walk.  

Wood anemones.  

Wood anemones growing in a tree by the stream.  

Violet and primrose.  

The path through the woodland passing through an
outflung spread of anemones.  

The wild garlic is in bud, it already smells
faintly delicious by the paths.

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