Friday, 21 December 2012

Not Making Assumptions

From Southeast Wisconsin
Transit Systems
On my way to a job interview the other day I saw an elderly whitehaired lady get on the bus.
She spoke crossly to a fit young man who was sitting in the disabled access seats which she needed. I thought she was quite right!  I noticed she was carrying an Oxford University Alumni bag so I used that as a means to chat to her. 
Luckily although she was of an age where I thought it was more likely to be her husband's bag, I said: "Were you at Oxford?" "Yes," she said, "but I did my doctorate at St. Andrews." "I was at the other place, Cambridge." I said, "but I did my doctorate at Goldsmiths College!" We were both fascinated to hear this about each other, and she went on to say her doctorate was in Scottish history. "I'm Scottish!" I said. "So am I!" she said. She had to get off the bus then so we wished each other a Merry Christmas and went on our way, delighted to have met someone else breaking the conventions.

Logo from Wikipedia.
Goldsmiths College.
University of St. Andrews
coat of arms

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